Solidarity Against Terrorism

frenchAfter the deadly attacks in Paris, Americans collectively showed their support for and solidarity with the French people in their time of suffering. Much like the support shown to American in 2001, our nation now returned the support in many ways. From Facebook cover images showing the french tri-color to care packages and impromptu memorials, American stood firm in support of their European friends.

Americans value their freedoms and because they know the rich rewards of a responsible society, they want the best for the rest of the world. We seek to help those on foreign soil not out of colonialism or a desire to conquer but in the spirit of sharing the American dream with those around the world.

Unfortunately, we live in a world were terrorism and intolerance are becoming a way of life for many. As we face this as a nation, remember the blessings we enjoy and strive in your own way to share that reward with the world.

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