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President Ronald Reagan often spoke of America as the “shining city on a hill” and it is on that truism that What’s Right With America is founded. Like any human institution, there are issues in our country and motives for people to complain, however; American is the greatest nation on earth. What’s Right with America is dedicated to sharing the encouraging events that occur here every day—emphasizing the positive, highlighting the good and strengthening the fabric of our country.

Through this website and our various social media outlets, What’s Right With America brings to light the stories, photos and footage that remind us of our heritage and the bright future God has granted us. Our mission is to promote the true blessings that come with being an American and living in the world’s most successful representative democracy. We are honored to but on display visions of the irrepressible American spirit, the goodness of her people and the moments of inspiration that rekindle the fire of American patriotism.

We invite you to join us in the discussion. The American narrative is one made of many voices and varied perspectives. Our story spans the perceived boundaries created by those who would seek to divide and degrade the nation. By sharing the stories you know and lending the tempo of your dialect you help to demonstrate What’s Right With America.


What's Right With America focuses on the heroes who don't make the news and who aren't the icons of modern culture. The real American heroes are those men and women deed actions largely go unnoticed except for those who benefit from their actions.


The angels we find are those whose actions were merely "the right thing to do" — they seek no recognition, pursue no celebrity but simply want to help. What's Right With America focuses attention on their stories, not for their sake but to improve our community.

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